Upcoming Events

October Soap Sale Fundraiser October 5-30 We will be selling soap as a fundraiser for our Home and School Association.

Athletic Board Mtg October 9 @7PM Crusader Athletic Board meeting located in the St. Agnes Atrium. All are welcome!

Book Fair!! Preview Day-October 20-  Student Purchase Day-October 24-  Open during Grandparent’s Day -October 25


From the Principal

I am a firm believer in the power of the growth mindset, and all teachers at SLA approach each year with the belief that all the students are capable of learning and growth. What is growth mindset? Simply put, it is the belief that intelligence and ability are not fixed traits or that we are born with only so much of them. Rather, with effort and perseverance all students are capable of academic achievement. Every day, your child has been immersed in the growth mindset in the classrooms. The students have been asked to take educational risks. They are praised not for their mental quickness or natural intelligence but for approaching the process of learning with grit and determination. And throughout the first quarter of school, have been growing in ways they never thought possible! Here’s the thing, these messages cannot only come from the teachers and staff members. We are asking for your help. How can you help? You can value growth and improvement in your home. The most important thing is that we see students grow. Here are some things you can do to extend and promote growth mindset in your home: - Encourage your child to take risks and tackle new challenges at home and at school. - Praise your child not for the ease with which he or she learns a concept but for the amount of effort put into learning it. - Communicate with the teacher if the material is too easy for your child, so we can offer him or her sufficient difficult learning challenges. - Emphasize perseverance and effort in extracurricular activities.

The Growth Mindset Coach, Annie Brock and Heather Hundley, pg 47,48

Printable Newsletter

October 6, 2017

October 6, 2017

SLA Crusader Athletics

We rescheduled our Athletic meeting for 10/9/2017 at 7:00pm in the Atrium. If you have any agenda items, please forward them to our Athletic Director, Jim Hale, by October 2nd. Some of the major topics will include the following:

  • Wrap up of volleyball season and what we learned
  • Basketball Season
  • Fall Fest fundraiser results
  • SportsLeader program, and expectations of coaches for winter sports

Scholastic Book Fair

The Book Fair is set for the week of October 23-27. Student preview day will be Friday, October 20, and students can purchase during library time on the 24th. It will also be open during Grandparent’s Day on the 25th.

Lost and Found

You will be able to look through the multitude of items collected and put in the Lost and Found after masses on Oct 7th and 8th in the Atrium. Any unclaimed items will be donated and sold at the next Rummage Sale.

Parent PowerSchool Access

It is a parent’s responsibility to be checking PowerSchool regularly. This is a primary way teachers communicate grades throughout the year.


We will be meeting on October 7th and October 21st at our usual time of 5-6:30 pm. We'll either be meeting in the Atrium or the school cafeteria, depending on when the young adults group is meeting. We are going to be continuing our Sainthood series. October 22nd is Saint John Paul II's feast day so get ready to party on the 21st! Yours in Christ, Claire Stuerzenberger

Soap Sales for HSA Fundraiser

We will be selling through Mad Anthony Soap from October 5 to October 30 for our Home and School Association Fundraiser. Order forms are sent home with the oldest child in the family. Thank you for your help!

Diocesan All School Mass

Permission forms are being sent home to all students in grades 4-8. It is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Expo II & III (first floor). We are looking for drivers. If you are able to drive, please complete the driver portion of the permission form. We will also once again participate in a food drive through Community Harvest Food Bank and we ask that all students bring in an item to donate. We were successful in filling approximately fifteen barrels last year! Bishop Rhoades will be the celebrant. We hope you can come!