Upcoming Events

Picture Day - August 24th, 2017
Students can dress up for pictures. See handbook for the uniform policy.

Back to School Night - August 24th, 2017
At least one parent from each SLA family is expected to attend this event!

St. Louis Festival - August 27th, 2017
Join us as the parish celebrates the feast of our patron saint!


From the Principal

Growth Mindset

The teachers this year have been challenged to learn about the two mindsets: fixed and growth. Teachers will learn that having a growth mindset means you look for opportunities to grow both as professionals and in helping their students to grow academically. Students will learn about their responsibilities in their learning and how to persevere if they don’t grasp a concept right away. Many teachers have put up bulletin boards with the Growth Mindset tips, and the junior high students created a collaborative poster (pictured above). You will have the opportunity to check out these materials at Back to School Night on Thursday. Also, see attached to the Email Blast a handout for Growth Mindset for Parents.

Printable Newsletter

August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017

“The goal of CONFRONTATION is restoration, not condemnation.”

I think I heard the quote above on the radio or on TV this summer. I wrote it down and think about it when confrontation is necessary in order for the participants to grow either in relationship or character. I was reminded of this quote this week when Father spoke to the students about conflict and how difficult it can be to confront someone who has wronged or mistreated you. He challenged the students to be strong in character and speak directly with those who have mistreated them. It does not benefit anyone to hold on to anger and harbor feelings of resentment. So often, our pride prevents us from speaking with someone directly to resolve an issue. It is easier to tell our friends or someone who will take our side and allow us to participate in gossip or to begin rumors that damage the character of others. May we be models to our children of meaningful ways to resolve conflict with grace, and look for ways to restore one another rather than condemn.

August 20, 2017: 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time
“Oh God, let all the nations praise you!”

Mass Throughout the Week

We attend daily mass Tuesday through Friday at 8 AM. Please join us if you are able. If you cannot attend mass with us please pray for us. Thank you!

Back to School Night

Thursday the 24th beginning in the hall at 6:30 PM is Back to School Night. All families are required to have at least one parent present. This is an adult only meeting with a lot of information given by the Home and School Association, School Board, and other committees. See you there!

Drop-off and Pickup

Vehicles entering the parking lot are to stay to the left (west side), and when exiting stay to the east side next to the marquis. If you need to come into the building, please park in the BACK of the school, as parking in the front creates hazardous blind spots when vehicles exit school grounds. If you are bringing in or picking up a student during the school day and park in the front, please back into the parking spot.


Please be sure that you have joined our REMIND Message Alert system. Others who will be responsible from time to time for transportation for your child(ren) can also join. You DO NOT need to download the app. Simply text the message @slaparents to the number 81010, and follow instructions to complete enrollment. All teachers grades PreK-5th, and the Junior High will be sending a newsletter either via email or hard copy while the website is getting updated. Please be diligent in reading newsletters and emails from the school to stay updated on information.

From the Cafeteria

If your family qualified last year for free or reduced meals by an application, you need to complete and turn in a new form for this school year to see if you qualify. Any family may request a free/reduced lunch application form anytime during the school year. Also, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not write a note and include it with your lunch money (unless it pertains to that particular payment). If you could please write Miss Jennie a separate note or email her, she would greatly appreciate it. When she receives your lunch money she does not always get a chance to process it on the same day she receives it, and if you have a concerning question or information she wants to address it right away. Please email her at: cafeteria@stlouisacademy.org

Crusader Athletics

Information regarding our St. Louis Academy CYO Volleyball team for grades 4 and 5 will be coming home with your child. Mrs. Smith will be the coach and we are thrilled to begin this adventure of sports ministry! We are still looking for individuals interested in coaching. Please contact our AD and parish rep, Jim Hale, for more information.