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No teacher newsletters available the first week of school.

Upcoming Events

School Board Meeting - August 17th, 2017
Our school Board meets for the first time this school year.

Picture Day! - August 24th, 2017
Students can dress up for pictures. See handbook for the uniform policy.

St. Louis Festival - August 27th, 2017
Join us as the parish celebrates the feast of our patron saint!


From the Principal

The 2017-2018 School Year has Begun!!

A few tears, some tired faces, and a lot of excitement came through the doors as the first day of school started the 2017/2018 school year. PreK4 students will begin Monday, and PreK3 students will begin Tuesday. Monday will also be the first day for Morning and After Child Care. Please make sure you are aware of the Child Care Handbook, located on the school website at www.stlouisacademy.org. All students utilizing these services must have a Child Care Enrollment form completed and turned in before they will be able to stay after school, or come early for Morning Care. Morning care begins at 6:30. Any student entering the building prior to 7:15 will be sent to Morning Care. See the next page for more drop-off and pick-up information.

Printable Newsletter

August 11, 2017

August 11, 2017

“A School of Love”

For the first all-school mass, Father Ben spoke to the kids about our expectations for this school year, and about his hopes for them as students at St. Louis Academy. He spoke about the importance of learning everything they can in the main content areas, emphasizing that their growth in their relationship with Christ is most important. He told them that although they will have much to learn from their books and teachers this year, he wanted them to know that St. Louis Academy is a place of love. He challenged them to reach out to the new students in our school, and to the new teachers and staff. As adults, is it important that we model similar behaviors of love towards one another. We are blessed by the return of many families that have helped St. Louis Academy become what it is today. As we welcome new families, please show them the hospitality that our community is known for as we continue to grow together as a school of love.

August 15- The Assumption
“Christ ascended into heaven and prepared an everlasting place for his immaculate Mother, Alleluia!”

Mass Throughout the Week

We attend daily mass Tuesday through Friday at 8 am. Please join us if you are able. This Tuesday is the Feast of the Assumption, a Holy Day of Obligation. If you join us please sit in the last three pews on each side reserved for adults. If you cannot attend mass with us please pray for us.

Drop-off and Pickup

The most important thing to remember when entering and exiting the parking lot is to keep to the left. Vehicles entering the parking lot are to stay to the left (west side), and when exiting stay to the east side next to the marquis. I am planning to be in the parking lot entrance for the next week to make sure this part of the day runs smooth. There were some unexpected trucks in the parking lot and I appreciate your extra caution and patience for Friday’s procedures. If you need to come into the building, please park in the BACK of the school, as parking in the front creates hazardous blind spots when vehicles exit school grounds. If you are bringing in or picking up a student during the school day and park in the front, please back into the parking spot.


Please be sure that you have joined our REMIND Message Alert system. Others who will be responsible from time to time for transportation for your child(ren) can also join. You DO NOT need to download the app. Simply text the message @slaparents to the number 81010, and follow instructions to complete enrollment. Be sure to check out our website for other information.


Mrs. Kiracofe will be contacting families that have missing paperwork over the next week or two. If you are contacted, please return the missing paperwork as soon as possible. There are various state and diocesan reports that are due at the onset of the school year. Thank you for your diligence in fulfilling your parental responsibilities.

Morning Care and Drop-off

Student drop-off time in the morning is between 7:35 and 7:50. Students entering the building before 7:15 will be sent to morning care and parents will be charged for this service. Morning Care location is in the school cafeteria. Parents dropping off children must enter through door #2 in the back of the school and sign students in with Miss Rachel. Students in grades 3 and 4 can be dropped off directly in the mobile classrooms after 7:35. If they are dropped off earlier than 7:35 they MUST be dropped off in the main building. As mentioned, if you need to come into the building for any reason please park in the BACK of the school. The school doors are locked at 7:50 and students entering the building after 7:50 will be considered tardy. If you have a student in grades 3 or 4 and you arrive later than 7:50, they need to be brought into the main building and signed in.