The purpose of the athletic program of St. Louis Academy Catholic School is to complement home, church, and school in the development of the whole person. Activities of the program are for the benefit of the children suited to their age and physical growth. The goals are to recognize the need of physical fitness in the wholesome growth of the child and to provide an enjoyable recreational activity that develops Christian attitudes of sportsmanship and fair play that can be sustained beyond the elementary level. The primary function of elementary athletics should not be the development of exceptional athletes. Rather, it must be the development of student-athletes who genuinely display the virtues of prudence, justice, temperance, and fortitude in every aspect of life. The successful operation of athletics depends upon a true commitment from all adults involved.

Participation in this program is contingent upon a student’s achievement in the academic, spiritual and moral areas of school life. The success of our sports program should not be measured simply by the number of games won, but rather how each individual was given the opportunity to grow as a person, teammate, and athlete. The participation in the Twins Athletic Program is a privilege and not a right.

St. Louis Academy Crusader Athletic Program PDF